Articles publiés par des unités du GDR (2015-2020)


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Actes Conf.Charpentier, L.; Caliot, C.; David, P.; Baux, A.; Heisel, C.; Rochais, D.; Chartier, T.Influence of the porosity of SiC on its optical properties and oxidation kinetics2019AIP Conference Proceedings212630013PROMES; LCTS; CEA/DAM; IRCER
Actes Conf.Este, A., Toson, B., Saliba, J., El Yagoubi, J., Mindeguia, J.-C., Martin, E., Morel, S.A New Approach to Simulate Interface Damage in Brittle Matrix Composites2016Procedia Structural Integrity22456-2462I2M; LCTS; CEA/DAM
Actes Conf.Sevecek, O.; Kotoul, M.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.; Bermejo, R.Assessment of crack-related problems in layered ceramics using the finite fracture mechanics and coupled stress-energy criterion2016Procedia Structural Integrity22014-2021LCTS
Actes Conf.Sevecek, O.; Kotoul, M.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.; Bermejo, R.Understanding the edge crack phenomenon in ceramic laminates2015Frattura ed Integrita' strutturale34362-370LCTS
ArticleConstantin, L.; Fan, L. ;Zou, Q.; Thomas, B.; Roger, J.; Heintz, J.-M.; Debiemme-Chouvy, C.; Mortainge, B.; Lu, Y. F.; Silvain, J.-F.Design of tailored oxide-carbide coating on carbon fibers for a robust copper/carbon interphase2020Carbon158607-614LCTS ; DGA
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., King, A., Aimedieu, P., Sauder, C.3D Detection and Quantitative Characterization of Cracks in a Ceramic Matrix Composite Tube Using X-Ray Computed Tomography2020Experimental Mechanics60409-424Navier; CEA/DEN
ArticleDoitrand, A.; Martin, E.; Leguillon, D.Numerical implementation of the coupled criterion: matched asymptotic and full finite element approaches2020Finite Elements in Analysis and Design168103344MATEIS; LCTS
ArticleTurpin, L.; Roux, S.; Caty, O.; Denneulin, S.A Phase Field Approach to Limited-angle Tomographic Reconstruction2020Fundamenta Informaticæ172203-219LMT ; LCTS ; Safran Ceramics
ArticleDoitrand, A.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.Computation of generalized stress intensity factors of 3D singularities2020International Journal of Solids and Structures190271-280MATEIS; LCTS
ArticleChen, J.; Jacques, S.; Barthe, M.-F.; Zhang, C.; Desgardin, P.In-beam creep of SiCf/SiC minicomposites under uniaxial tensile loading2020Journal of Nuclear Materials5331 - 7LCTS; CEMHTI
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., King, A., Sauder, C., Aimedieu, P.Crack initiation and propagation in braided SiC/SiC composite tubes: Effect of braiding angle2020Journal of the European Ceramic Societyin pressNavier; CEA/DEN
ArticleBesnard, C.; Allemand, A.; David, P.; Maillé, L.Synthesis of hexacelsian barium aluminosilicate by film boiling chemical vapour process2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society403494-3497LCTS; CEA/DAM
ArticleJ. Roger, M. Avenel, L. LapuyadeCharacterization of SiC ceramics with complex porosity by capillary infiltration: Part A – Filling by hexadecane at 20 °C2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society401859-1868LCTS
ArticleJ. Roger, M. Avenel, L. LapuyadeCharacterization of SiC ceramics with complex porosity by capillary infiltration: Part B – Filling by molten silicon at 1500 °C2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society401869-1876LCTS
ArticleEl Yagoubi, J.; Lamon, J.; Batsale, J.-C.; Le Flem, M.Experimental assessment of damage-thermal diffusivity relationship in unidirectional fibre-reinforced composite under axial tensile test2019Acta Materialia173302-312LCTS; I2M; CEA/DEN
ArticleGillard, A. P.; Couégnat, G.; Chupin, S.; Vignoles, G. L.Modeling of the non-linear mechanical and thermomechanical behavior of 3D carbon/carbon composites based on internal interfaces2019Carbon154178-191LCTS
ArticlePerrot, G.; Couégnat, G.; Ricchiuto, M.; Vignoles, G.L.Image-Based Numerical Modeling of Self-Healing in a Ceramic-Matrix Minicomposite2019Ceramics2308–-326LCTS
ArticleRoger, J.; Chollon, G.Mechanisms and kinetics during reactive infiltration of molten silicon in porous graphite2019Ceramics International458690-8699LCTS
ArticleBénézech, J.; Couégnat, G.Variational segmentation of textile composite preforms from X-ray computed tomography2019Composite Structures230111496LCTS
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., Sauder, C., King, A.Analysis of the damage initiation in a SiC/SiC composite tube from a direct comparison between large-scale numerical simulation and synchrotron X-ray micro-computed tomography2019International Journal of Solids and Structures161111-126Navier; CEA/DEN
ArticleLi, J.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.; Zhang, X.-B.Numerical implementation of the coupled criterion for damaged materials2019International Journal of Solids and Structures16593-103LCTS
ArticleRoger, J.; Salles, M.Thermodynamic of liquid metal infiltration in TiC-SiC or SiC porous compacts2019Journal of Alloys and Compounds802636-648LCTS
ArticleGarulli, T.; Catapano, A.; Fanteria, D.; Jumel, J.; Martin, E.Design and finite element assessment of a Fully-Uncoupled Multi-Directional (FUMD) specimen for delamination tests2019Journal of Composite Materials54773–790I2M; LCTS
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ArticleRoger, J.; Lepetitcorps, Y.Microstructural evolution of SiC powder in molten silicon2018Ceramics International4419836-19845LCTS
ArticleLi, J.; Martin, E.; Leguillon, D.; Dupin, C.A finite fracture model for the analysis of multi-cracking in woven ceramic matrix composites2018Composites Part B: Engineering13975-83LCTS
ArticleMartin, E.; Leguillon, D.; Sevecek, O.; Bermejo, R.Understanding the tensile strength of ceramics in the presence of small critical flaws2018Engineering Fracture Mechanics201167 - 175LCTS
ArticleLeguillon, D.; Martin, E.Prediction of multi-cracking in sub-micron films using the coupled criterion2018International Journal of Fracture209187-202LCTS
ArticleLeguillon, D.; Martin, E.; Sevecek, O.; Bermejo, R.What is the tensile strength of a ceramic to be used in numerical models for predicting crack initiation?2018International Journal of Fracture21289--103LCTS
ArticleAzina, C; Roger, J; Joulain, A; Mauchamp, V; Mortaigne, B; Lu, Y; Silvain, JFSolid-liquid co-existent phase process: Towards fully dense and thermally efficient Cu/C composite materials2018Journal of Alloys and Compounds738292-300LCTS ; DGA
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ArticleHenry, L; Roger, J; Le Petitcorps, Y; Aymonier, C; Maillé, LPreparation of ceramic materials using Supercritical Fluid Chemical Deposition2018Journal of Supercritical Fluids141113 - 119LCTS
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ArticleBrisebourg, M. Q.; Rebillat, F.; Teyssandier, F.Oxidation of ß-SiC at high temperature in Ar/O2, Ar/CO2, Ar/H2O gas mixtures: Kinetic study of the silica growth in the passive regime2018Journal of the European Ceramic Society384309-4319LCTS
ArticleMazerat, S.; Delcamp, A.; Pailler, R.; Lamon, J.; Plaisantin, H.Improvement of silicon carbide fibers mechanical properties by Cl2 etching2018Journal of the European Ceramic Society385301-5310LCTS
ArticleMazerat, S.; Pailler, R.Self-organized nano-scale multilayer coating on SiC fibers obtained by phosphating2018Journal of the European Ceramic Society382486-2494LCTS
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ArticleMazars, V.; Caty, O.; Couégnat, G.; Bouterf, A.; Roux, S.; Denneulin, S.; Pailhès, J.; Vignoles, G.L.Damage investigation and modeling of 3D woven ceramic matrix composites from X-ray tomography in-situ tensile tests2017Acta Materialia140130-139LCTS; LMT; Safran Ceramics
ArticleSimon, C.; Rebillat, F.; Camus, G.Electrical resistivity monitoring of a SiC/[Si-B-C] composite under oxidizing environments2017Acta Materialia132586-597LCTS
ArticleSimon, C.; Rebillat, F.; Herb, V.; Camus, G.Monitoring damage evolution of SiCf/[SiBC]m composites using electrical resistivity: Crack density-based electromechanical modeling2017Acta Materialia124579-587LCTS; Safran Ceramics
ArticleLevet, C.; Helber, B.; Couzi, J.; Mathiaud, J.; Gouriet, J.-B.; Chazot, O. ; Vignoles, G. L.Microstructure and gas-surface interaction studies of a 3D carbon/carbon composite in atmospheric entry plasma2017Carbon11484-97LCTS; CEA/DAM
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ArticleSchmidt, M.; Durif, C.; Diaz Acosta, E.; Salameh, C.; Plaisantin, H.; Miele, P.; Backov, R.; Machado, R.; Gervais, C.; Alauzun, J.G.; Chollon, G; Bernard, S.Molecular Level Processing of Si-(B)-C Materials with Tailored Nano-/Microstructures2017Chemistry – A European Journal2317103–17117LCTS; IRCER
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ArticleBertrand, R.; Caty, O.; Mazars, V.; Denneulin, S.; Weisbecker, P.; Pailhès, J.; Camus, G.; Rebillat, F.In-situ tensile tests under SEM and X-ray computed micro-tomography aimed at studying a self-healing matrix composite submitted to different thermomechanical cycles2017Journal of the European Ceramic Society373471-3474LCTS; Safran Ceramics
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ArticleSANDRA F.; DEPARDIEU M.; MOULINE Z.; VIGNOLES G.; IWAMOTO Y.; MIELE P.; BACKOV R.; BERNARD S.Polymer-Derived Silicoboron Carbonitride Foams for CO2 Capture: From Design to Application as Scaffolds for the in Situ Growth of Metal–Organic Frameworks2016Chemistry – A European Journal228346--8357LCTS; IRCER
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