Articles publiés par des unités du GDR (2015-2020)


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ArticleChollon, G.The high temperature reaction of ammonia with carbon and SiC-C ceramics2021Journal of the European Ceramic Society41136-147LCTS
ArticleDesenfant, A.; Laduye, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Chollon, G.Kinetic and gas-phase study of the chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from C2H3SiCl3/H22021Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry94145-158LCTS
ArticleEssongue, S.; Couégnat, G.; Martin, E.Performance assessment of the augmented finite element method for the modelling of weak discontinuities2021International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering122172-189LCTS
ArticleGoulmy, J.-P.; Camus, G.; Rebillat, F.Monitoring damage evolution of ceramic matrix composites during tensile tests using electrical resistivity: Crack density-based electromechanical model2021Journal of the European Ceramic Society141121-129LCTS
ArticleJayet, T.-D.; Baranger, E.; Couegnat, G.; Denneulin, S.Feasibility of a weakly intrusive Generalized Finite Element Method implementation in a commercial code: Application to Ceramic Matrix Composite micro-structures2021Computers & Structures242106374LMT ; LCTS ; Safran Ceramics
ArticleMazerat, S.; Pailler, R.Data on SiC-based bundle lifetime variability: The insufficiency of external phenomena affecting the flaw size2021Data in Brief34106757LCTS
ArticleMazerat, S.; Pailler, R.Dataset on fractographic analysis of various SiC-based fibers2021Data in Brief34106676LCTS
ArticleMazerat, S.; Pailler, R.Static fatigue of SiC-based multifilament tows at intermediate temperature: The time to failure variability2021International Journal of Fatigue145106072LCTS
ArticlePlaisantin, H.; Jacques, S.; Danet, J.; Camus, G.; Delpouve, H.TEM characterization of turbostratic and rhombohedral BN interphases synthesized by chemical vapour infiltration in SiC/SiC-Si composites2021Materials Characterization172110857LCTS; Safran Ceramics
ArticleRoger, J.; Salles, M.Kinetics of liquid metal infiltration in TiC-SiC or SiC porous compacts2021Journal of Alloys and Compounds860158453LCTS
ArticleTurpin, L.; Roux, S.; Caty, O.; Denneulin, S.Coupling tomographic and thermographic measurements for in-situ thermo-mechanical tests2021Measurement Science and Technology3235401LMT ; LCTS ; Safran Ceramics
ArticleWynn, M.; Lopez-Ferber, D.; Viard, A.; Fonblanc, D.; Schmidt, M.; Rossignol, F.; Carles, P.; Chollon, G.; Gervais, C.; Bernard, S.Tuning of the high temperature behaviour of Si-C-N ceramics via the chemical crosslinking of poly(vinylmethyl-co-methyl)silazanes with controlled borane contents2021Open Ceramics5100055IrCer; LCTS
ArticleAimable, A. ; Delomenie, A.; Cerbelaud, M.; Videcoq, A. ;Chartier, T.; Boutenel, F. ; Cutard, T. ; Dusserre, G.An experimental and simulation study of heteroaggregation in a binary mixture of alumina and silica colloids2020Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects6051-10/125350ICA; IRCER
ArticleAllemand, A., Guérin, C., Besnard, C., Billard, R., & Le Petitcorps, Y.A Comparison Between a New Ultra Fast Pressureless Sintering (UFPS) Technology and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) for Barium Aluminosilicate Metastable Phase2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society411524-1529LCTS; CEA/DAM
ArticleBesnard, C.; Allemand, A.; David, P.; Maillé, L.Synthesis of hexacelsian barium aluminosilicate by film boiling chemical vapour process2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society403494-3497LCTS; CEA/DAM
ArticleBoutenel, F. ; Dusserre, G. ; Cutard, T.Strength Loss of Basalt-Based Mineral Fibers after Thermal Desizing.2020Revue des composites et des matériaux avancés30115-122ICA
ArticleCarminati, P.; Jacques, S.; Rebillat, F.Oxidation/corrosion of BN-based coatings as prospective interphases for SiC/SiC composites2020Journal of the European Ceramic SocietyLCTS
ArticleChen, J.; Jacques, S.; Barthe, M.-F.; Zhang, C.; Desgardin, P.In-beam creep of SiCf/SiC minicomposites under uniaxial tensile loading2020Journal of Nuclear Materials5331 - 7LCTS; CEMHTI
ArticleChen, J.; Jacques, S.; Barthe, M.-F.; Zhang, C.; Desgardin, P.In-beam creep of SiCf/SiC minicomposites under uniaxial tensile loading2020Journal of Nuclear Materials533152086LCTS; CEMHTI
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., King, A., Aimedieu, P., Sauder, C.3D Detection and Quantitative Characterization of Cracks in a Ceramic Matrix Composite Tube Using X-Ray Computed Tomography2020Experimental Mechanics60409-424Navier; CEA/DEN
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., King, A., Sauder, C., Aimedieu, P.Crack initiation and propagation in braided SiC/SiC composite tubes: Effect of braiding angle2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society404403-4418Navier; CEA/DEN
ArticleConstantin, L.; Fan, L. ;Zou, Q.; Thomas, B.; Roger, J.; Heintz, J.-M.; Debiemme-Chouvy, C.; Mortainge, B.; Lu, Y. F.; Silvain, J.-F.Design of tailored oxide-carbide coating on carbon fibers for a robust copper/carbon interphase2020Carbon158607-614LCTS ; DGA
ArticleDoitrand, A.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.Computation of generalized stress intensity factors of 3D singularities2020International Journal of Solids and Structures190271-280MATEIS; LCTS
ArticleDoitrand, A.; Martin, E.; Leguillon, D.Numerical implementation of the coupled criterion: matched asymptotic and full finite element approaches2020Finite Elements in Analysis and Design168103344MATEIS; LCTS
ArticleDusserre, G. ; Farrugia, A. ; Cutard., T.Rheology evolution of a geopolymer precursor aqueous suspension during aging2020International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology171802-1810ICA
ArticleFellah, C. ; Braun, J. ; Sauder, ; Sirotti, F. ; Berger, M-H.Influence of the carbon interface on the mechanical behavior of SiC/SiC composites2020Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing133105867CEA/DEN; CMAT
ArticleFellah, C.; Braun, J. ; Sauder, C. ; Sirotti, F. ; Berger, M.-H.Influence of the carbon interface on the mechanical behavior of SiC/SiC composites2020Composites Part A133105867CEA/DEN/SRMA; CMAT
ArticleGoulmy, J.-P.; Caty, O.; Rebillat, F.Characterization of the oxidation of C/C/SiC composites by X-ray micro-tomography2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society405120-5131LCTS
ArticleGuel, N.; Hamam, Z. ; Godin, N. ; Reynaud, P. ; Caty, O. ; Bouillon, F. ; Paillassa, AudeData Merging of AE Sensors with Different Frequency Resolution for the Detection and Identification of Damage in Oxide-Based Ceramic Matrix Composites2020Materials134691IRT-SE; MATEIS; LCTS; Safran Ceramics
ArticleMazerat, S.; Delehouzé, A.; Pailler, R.Delayed failure prediction of SiC-based bundles: The impact of sampling size2020International Journal of Fatigue138105694LCTS; Safran Ceramics
ArticleMazerat, S.; Pailler, R.Statistical data for the tensile properties and static fatigue of sic-based bundles2020Data in Brief32106166LCTS
ArticleRoger, J. ; Avenel, M. ; Lapuyade, L.Characterization of SiC ceramics with complex porosity by capillary infiltration: Part A – Filling by hexadecane at 20 °C2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society401859-1868LCTS
ArticleRoger, J. ; Avenel, M. ; Lapuyade, L.Characterization of SiC ceramics with complex porosity by capillary infiltration: Part B – Filling by molten silicon at 1500 °C2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society401869-1876LCTS
ArticleSévin, L.; Razafindramanana, V.; Julian-Jankowiak, A.; Justin, J.-F.; Mauvy, F.; Rebillat, F.Effect of high-content Yttria on the thermal expansion behaviour and ionic conductivity of a stabilised cubic Hafnia2020Journal of the European Ceramic Society405859--5869ONERA; LCTS
ArticleTurpin, L.; Roux, S.; Caty, O.; Denneulin, S.A Phase Field Approach to Limited-angle Tomographic Reconstruction2020Fundamenta Informaticæ172203-219LMT ; LCTS ; Safran Ceramics
ArticleBénézech, J.; Couégnat, G.Variational segmentation of textile composite preforms from X-ray computed tomography2019Composite Structures230111496LCTS
ArticleBraun, J. ; Sauder, C. ; Balbaud, F. ;Lamon, J.Influence of an original manufacturing process on the properties and microstructure of SiC/SiC tubular composites2019Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing123170-179CEA/DEN; LMT
Actes Conf.Charpentier, L.; Caliot, C.; David, P.; Baux, A.; Heisel, C.; Rochais, D.; Chartier, T.Influence of the porosity of SiC on its optical properties and oxidation kinetics2019AIP Conference Proceedings212630013PROMES; LCTS; CEA/DAM; IRCER
ArticleChen, Y., Gélébart, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., Sauder, C., King, A.Analysis of the damage initiation in a SiC/SiC composite tube from a direct comparison between large-scale numerical simulation and synchrotron X-ray micro-computed tomography2019International Journal of Solids and Structures161111-126Navier; CEA/DEN
ArticleCossou, B.; Jacques, S.; Couégnat, G.; King, S.W.; Li, L.; Lanford, W.A.; Bhattarai, G.; Paquette, M.; Chollon, G.Synthesis and optimization of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition-silicon nitride coatings deposited from SiHCl3 and NH32019Thin Solid Films68347-57LCTS
ArticleEl Yagoubi, J.; Lamon, J.; Batsale, J.-C.; Le Flem, M.Experimental assessment of damage-thermal diffusivity relationship in unidirectional fibre-reinforced composite under axial tensile test2019Acta Materialia173302-312LCTS; I2M; CEA/DEN
ArticleGarulli, T.; Catapano, A.; Fanteria, D.; Jumel, J.; Martin, E.Design and finite element assessment of a Fully-Uncoupled Multi-Directional (FUMD) specimen for delamination tests2019Journal of Composite Materials54773–790I2M; LCTS
ArticleGillard, A. P.; Couégnat, G.; Chupin, S.; Vignoles, G. L.Modeling of the non-linear mechanical and thermomechanical behavior of 3D carbon/carbon composites based on internal interfaces2019Carbon154178-191LCTS
ArticleIonescu, E.;Bernard, S.; Lucas, R.; Kroll, P.; Ushakov, S. ; Navrotsky, A.; Riedel, R."Polymeric-Precursor Synthesis Methods for Ultrahigh-Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) and Related Materials"2019Advanced Engineering Materials211900269IRCER
ArticleLi, J.; Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.; Zhang, X.-B.Numerical implementation of the coupled criterion for damaged materials2019International Journal of Solids and Structures16593-103LCTS
ArticleMazerat, S.; Lacroix, J.; Pailler, R.Carbide derived carbon obtained from SiC-based fibers by phosphating-NaOH bath process2019Microporous and Mesoporous Materials286110-124LCTS
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ArticleRoger, J.; Salles, M.Thermodynamic of liquid metal infiltration in TiC-SiC or SiC porous compacts2019Journal of Alloys and Compounds802636-648LCTS
ArticleAzina, C; Roger, J; Joulain, A; Mauchamp, V; Mortaigne, B; Lu, Y; Silvain, JFSolid-liquid co-existent phase process: Towards fully dense and thermally efficient Cu/C composite materials2018Journal of Alloys and Compounds738292-300LCTS ; DGA
ArticleBrisebourg, M. Q. ; Rebillat, F.; Teyssandier, F.Oxidation of ß-SiC at high temperature in Ar/O2, Ar/CO2, Ar/H2O gas mixtures: active/passive transition2018Journal of the European Ceramic Society384320-4328LCTS
ArticleBrisebourg, M. Q.; Rebillat, F.; Teyssandier, F.Oxidation of ß-SiC at high temperature in Ar/O2, Ar/CO2, Ar/H2O gas mixtures: Kinetic study of the silica growth in the passive regime2018Journal of the European Ceramic Society384309-4319LCTS
ArticleCarminati, P; Buffeteau, T.; Daugey, N.; Chollon, G.; Rebillat, F.; Jacques, S.Low pressure chemical vapour deposition of BN: Relationship between gas phase chemistry and coating microstructure2018Thin Solid Films664106-114LCTS
ArticleHenry, L; Roger, J; Le Petitcorps, Y; Aymonier, C; Maillé, LPreparation of ceramic materials using Supercritical Fluid Chemical Deposition2018Journal of Supercritical Fluids141113 - 119LCTS
ArticleLeguillon, D.; Martin, E.Prediction of multi-cracking in sub-micron films using the coupled criterion2018International Journal of Fracture209187-202LCTS
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